Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher

A step in the right direction with roles and responsibilities of a teacher
This paper will examine the roles and responsibilities of a teacher. I believe a role of a teacher/tutor is to support the educational needs of students during their study. However the roles and responsibilities of a teacher or tutor must be learnt to ensure a standard of quality teaching. Teachers and tutors should strive to be both specialists in a subject area and in the teaching field, making them dual professionals.
The expectations of teachers and tutors has recently seen a reform and in 2014, The Education and Training Foundation, whom support and enhance the quality, professionalism and efficiency of the education and training system developed a set of professional standards. The professional standards for teachers and tutors is made up of 20 points, split into 3 areas; professional values and attributes; professional knowledge and understanding and professional skills. Teachers and tutors are expected to demonstrate commitment to the three areas, (E&T Training, 2014).
Understanding the teaching and professional role and your responsibilities is stated in the professional standards and these should be understood especially if taking up an occupation within the sector.
Here at Lakes College there is a large emphasis on safeguarding students and equality and diversity. All employees have to undertake safeguarding training and undergo a Criminal Records Bureau check prior to starting employment. With regards to equality and diversity, the aim of Lakes College‘, is to create an environment in which each of our students, all of our visitors and customers, and every member of staff, feels equally valued. ‘, Lakes College (2015). In order for the college to achieve this by having an equality and diversity strategy in place. The Equality and Diversity Strategy (2011) falls in line with the Equality Act (2010) and has further acted on recommendations from the last Ofsted inspection....