Roles and Responsabilities

Tim Law.

  In my current role, I am employed by ATG Training to deliver the “Improving Operational Performance Apprenticeship” at Think3e, which is a recycling company.
The training is delivered in a classroom environment for the first two weeks of the apprenticeship. The learners are then in the workshops, gaining hands on experience. This is when the NVQ assessments are undertaken.

  I must ensure the health, safety and well being of my students at all times, ensuring that they have the appropriate and correct training to work in a safe manner at all times.

  The training is delivered to 16 – 19 year olds, some of whom may have additional learning and/or social needs.
I must, therefore, be able to identify, by assessment, any learners who may have issues or needs that would restrict their learning opportunities.
When additional needs, of any description, are identified, teaching styles and methods may need to be adapted to suit the individual case.
This will ensure that all of the learners have access to learning in terms of equality and diversity.

  With regard to boundaries that may exist for my teaching role, I need to have the knowledge relevant to the subject that I will be delivering. I will also need to access any relevant resources that will aid the learning process. By doing this I can ensure that the learning delivered all of the students will be effective and relevant.
I must understand and operate within physical boundaries which, are appropriate and ensure the learners dignity and person space are respected at all times.

  The role of the teacher features a variety of responsibilities. I will need to plan and deliver the lessons in a manner that takes students differing learning styles and needs into account. All learning aims and action plans need to be set with S.M.A.R.T. targets.
Using the learning resources that I have accessed I will need to create learning materials for the students. These must be relevant to the...
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