Roles and Responsabilities

Assignment Sheet 1.1

Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.
300-500 words

Make sure you address the question and the assessment criteria (p 8)

Name: Date:             Word count: 566

As a teacher, in terms of teaching/training cycle, my role would be one of a “Project Manager”, managing a project with a new team having different professional roles. The teacher’s main role does not imply strict and rigid qualities as they need to be tailored to facilitate communication between learners around their chosen subject of study. After the initial assessment (this was intended to establish whether a learner’s progress and achievement can be measured prior attending the course) my responsibility is to register all attendees for the course as an admin requirement.
During registration, I will ensure that every one will be aware of school’s emergency measures and procedure that are in place (evacuation plan, fire exit doors and assembly points); also what facilities are available on site i.e. kitchen, toilets, disable lifts etc.
Once H&S induction finished, my role is to facilitate a positive class environment where all present will have the chance to know each other (icebreaker) and will be relaxed in exchanging ideas and opinions on a given topic. This not only prepares the next step of first session but will give me a unique opportunity to analyse how learners interact before dividing the group in teams of two or three - working in small groups encourages communication, motivation, confidence and interpersonal skills.  
In my role as teacher, related to the teaching cycle, I’ll be responsible for planning & preparing ground rules1, presenting2 specifically planed sessions of the course, assessment, evaluation and reviewing learners’ progress.
Dividing the course in sessions is intended for effective teaching/learning the course material also for assessing...