Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries

TA1 Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries

In terms of the teacher/ training cycle, my role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher/ trainer are as follows.

Identify Needs
Ensuring that the needs of the learner are identified through effective enrolment and initial assessment methods. Any gaps in the learners’ knowledge should be acknowledged and incorporated into the session plans. Schemes of work and session plans will include the overall needs of individual learners, the syllabus and of the organisation.   It is important to clearly identify learners’ needs because

even when tutors have the benefit of published curriculum guidelines, they need to find out about the specific needs of their students and use this knowledge to assist in their planning (Daines, Daines & Graham, 1988, p18)

Plan and Design
Preparing an induction for learners, writing a scheme of work, writing a session plan, preparing handouts and ensuring there are adequate resources are all part of the planning and design stage of the teacher/ training cycle. The role of the teacher/ trainer is to produce effective resources and plans, which engage the interest of learner, enabling them to reach their full potential.

The role of the teacher/ trainer is to make learners’ feel comfortable in a classroom environment. To do this, ice-breakers could be used as part of the first session. It is the responsibility of the teacher/ trainer to ensure that the chosen subject is taught in a suitable manner, whilst motivating learners and maintaining their interest. Part of the teaching may include demonstration, linking theory to practice and monitoring group work. Apart from making sure learners are comfortable in a classroom environment, the teacher/ trainer should be well prepared, confident in their subject knowledge and able to answer questions that arise. They are also responsible for keeping control of the timing of the session,...