Role Play

      Pretend play can be used to help stimulate children in a variety of ways. Imagination will be increased if playing on their own or with friends. If in a group social skills will be developed, and through role play dreams and inspirations can be realized and expressed. Children of earlier age (ie.:up to reception classes )   learn to make friends as well as to use their imagination through role play.   Playing pirates, princesses or mums and dads is very beneficial to children’s development. This is because they can learn and experience more through role play.
      I have been monitoring children in reception classes playing games. It makes them make friends much easier and quicker as well as using their imagination through pretend play. It helps them to build up their self-esteem and develops their   confidence. This way children get engaged in play and makes them communicate with each other, which is beneficial for their social skills.   It gives the children, opportunity to practice communication in different social contexts and in different social role. Examples of these are playing, pirates, mums and dads, shopkeeper, doctors and nurses, policemen(policewomen) and etc.
      Children love playing, acting and dressing up. This helps them to improve their listening, speaking and responding (communicating) with each other.
Snakes and Ladders:
This is a very popular game with children. It involves two or more players. It can be played on a small board indoors. It is also a great game to play outdoors on a giant version with a 10ft x 10ft board and a large inflatable dice. The game can be used in various ways with children/young people at all stages of education from the early years through to secondary and beyond.
This game has many benefits which include:
        • They have to take turns. It teaches them on how to be patient and have to wait in a queue to take their turn.
        • It helps their numeracy. It encourages them to count...