Role of the Hr Consultant in an Organisation

Who is an HR Consultant?
An HR Consultant is responsible for assisting clients with strategically integrating effective HR processes, programs and practices into their daily operations.
As an HR Consultant what my road map will be as a new employee in a multinational organization in the country are as follows
To maximize the organization performance relating to human resources by introducing or marketing best practice products or services as well as to provide periodic feedback to clients regarding our organizations performance relating annual management performances
To accomplish this as HR Consultant I need to perform assessments or audits and make recommendation, proposals to coordinate the creation and implementation of an action or corrective plan, and when required, organize and coordinate cross-functional Human Resource teams to assist the clients with developing and implementing performance improvement corrective plans, programs or processes.
Also my responsibility will be to work with management and employees to provide guidance, directions and advice about the application, interpretation of human resources and labor policies, processes and procedures
To input discipline in the organization as a HR Consultant I will also work closely with legal compliance, equal employment opportunity, security, safety and health infection control and other department to ensure that managers and employees comply with federal, state and local employment laws and regulations, and that management responds to correct and address violations in order to promote and foster a safe and hostile free work environment.
In addition, my mandate will be to maintain the intergrity of the conflict resolution process by providing guidance and advice to management when employee   file complaints or claims with human resources relating to employment policies, procedures or practices in order to stop the high pilfering in the organization. If this road map are implemented the...