Role of Rapport in Hypnotherapy

When communication between two or more individuals reaches its optimum its said that a perfect
rapport has been established. On the other hand, when communicating with a given person is hard the
situation becomes rapport-less. There are strangers which inspire us immediate trust, while a long-time
neighbour of us that we meet every morning since twenty years has never inspired us trust.
When two or more human beings encounter, immediately start automatic mechanisms (both conscious
and subconscious) by which the individual triggers a process of comparison and identification with the
other. If the outcome of this process is judged overall positive rapport is established amongst the two.
When people are in a state of rapport they tend to respond easier to our stimulations, to our proposals,
to our person in general.
Rapport can be defined as that empathy, that trust, which is necessarily the foundation of all good
relations. Experience teaches us that rapport is built more on the relational level than on content –
through gestures, voice tone, gaze, speech pauses, etc. The parameters and mechanisms involved in this
process are so detailed and simultaneously taking place that they escape full control by the conscious
The therapeutic alliance is built when the client sees that the therapist really cares about the client and
wants the client to get well or achieve whatever goal that the client as set.We come together in
harmony and collaboration to attempt to overcome problems reduce pain, elimanate psychosomatic
illness and achieve peak performance.(Kevin Hogan,2001 p64).
Hypnotherapy begins with the client's sense of certainty in the therapist and the process of
hypnotherapy itself.In large part, hypnotherapy is about bypassing the critical faculty of the human
mind.Essentially, this means that the client absolutely and completely trust the hypnotherapist ,to the
point where there is almost a surrender on the part of the client to the...