Role of Expert Knowledge

The disputed role of expert knowledge in understanding and managing risk in our every day lives

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This report has been produced to explain the disputed role of expert knowledge in understanding and managing risk in our everyday lives.

The aim is to look at what we mean by a risk society and how Social Science and individuals understand, negotiate and live with risk on a daily basis.

Risk Society:

Societies as a whole are more aware of risks that face them than they ever have been. This public awareness is brought about by governments both local and national being more open about legislation and providing the public with more information to enable them to make informed choices.

What do we mean by a risk society?
Risk society is an account of contemporary society that emphasises the development of the side effects of modernisation and the growth in many people’s awareness of risk. (Carter and Jordon, p80,2009).

Risk is also defined as a state which there is a possibility of known danger or harm which if avoided may have benefits

The fact that there is more information available to the lay person on the street can be a positive thing with everyone being more informed, but it could also have a negative impact with more information bring more responsibility and confusion and to the lay person more information could also bring fear of the unknown or of having too much information, after finding out about things that in years gone by they would have been blissfully ignorant about.

Ulrich Beck Theory


Who is Ulrich Beck