Role of a Supervisor in Social Care

In this assessment I will be reflecting on my role as a supervisor and I will be showing how relevant legislation come into practice in the care sector also I will be looking at the relationship with other team members and how I identify individual development needs and skills.
Everyday care sector legislation comes into practice and I will describe the setting it is used in through my experiences at work:-
Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, under Health and Safety at Work Act 1974;
Whenever I have to place anyone into bed or remove them from bed I have to follow set guidelines and the risk assessment for that person before I start to lift anyone. The following is taken into account: - The environment, the height of the bed, the hoist, the amount of room to manoeuvre and the help available from another career. The object is to make sure that I can safely place the individual in the desired place without causing them injury or distress and myself any harm.
“There is no such thing as a completely ‘safe’ manual handling operation. But working within the guidelines will cut the risk and reduce the need for a more detailed assessment.” Source HSE 1998
Human Rights Act 1998;
In my work place there is a lady who’s religious belief are different from the other individuals in the care home and we all insure to up hold those beliefs for so as not to affect her human rights to make sure we follow her diet guidelines and her routine, so she feels respected and valued. We also respect the individual needs of the user, and for example one user doesn’t want to be cared for by male members of staff, so we make sure only female careers attend to her needs so as not to affect her human rights.
Data Protection Act 1998;
Each Individual in care with us has a care plan which is kept up to date and holds all important information from doctors details to phone numbers of family relations to the day to day routine and if any events have happened. It is my job to make...