Role of a Social Care Work

1.1 Working relationships and personal relationships.
The difference between working relationships and personal relationships are divided into several different categories to explain the difference. Personal relationships have 3 main types first being family so the closeness with parents, siblings and others in your family. Sexual long or short term sexual relationships are a lot different than family relationships and more demanding than just a friendship. And friendships which can be intense ranging from a small circle of close friends to a broader larger circle where it is less intimate. Working relationships can be with employers or work colleagues and of course the clients where there are boundaries so they do not spur into friendships. Where you would share only little personal detail and information even though you might spend considerate amount of time with them. So there for the difference between the both is set on boundaries, personal details, having a professional relationship where you support your client and co worker in doing your job and following the policies and procedures. The fact that you are only working with them because it is your job, because you are under time limits for each visit and because you are following objectives and are there for a purpose.

      1.2   Different working relationships in health and social care.

In health and social care there is not just your employers co workers and clients you deal with there are also other professions and people you meet on a daily basis. This could be a family member that pops by or who lives with your client, a district nurse who visits on regular checks, to even the local pharmacy on the phone or face to face. Each relationship is different and there are rules and policies when speaking with them for example when speaking with the district nurse you would be professional and friendly cooperative and helpful.

2.1 Why it is important to adhere to the scope of the job.

It is...