Role Model

Unit 209 Support children and young people’s behaviour
How you could be an effective role model to children and young people in your placement school?
I believe I could be an effective role model by setting a good example to the children I work with. As studies have shown, children learn more from copying behaviours around them, rather than just being told what to do. Children are mostly influenced by teachers, parents, friends and support workers. All adults should be aware of their own behaviour and mannerisms, and the effect it could have on the children.
Children can pick up behaviours and attitudes from adults around them. For this reason, I feel my appearance must always be presentable and my clothes should be appropriate to wear in a school setting. For example, ensuring they are neat, clean, not revealing and professional. In order to set a good example, I would need to ensure that I follow the same rules I would like the children to adhere to. Such as, being punctual, speaking in a calm soft tone, being kind, not talking over others, being aware of people’s feelings and remaining patient.   In regards to displaying positive non-verbal behaviour, I would ensure that I do not let anything personal impact my mood whilst teaching, appearing to be focused, happy and calm and making sure that the children do not pick up on any negativity.
Ensuring I maintain professional boundaries at all times, I aim to create a safe, honest, caring and understanding relationship with the children as I believe this is essential in building trust and then having the ability to act as a role model.