Role and Responsibilities

Theory Task 1 (300-500 words)

Role, responsibilities and boundaries in terms of teaching/training cycle

My role as a teacher is varied and includes many aspects in regards to the Teaching Cycle:
Identifying learning and training needs
    -   What do they need to learn
    - Awarding bodies requirements
    - Any existing or prior knowledge that the learners have
    - My learning needs (subject knowledge and technical skills), and I need to make sure that I consider all of the above to ensure that all of my learners will learn
    - Well planned scheme of work (that has flexibility to allow adaptation it if necessary)
    - Clearly defined and realistic Aims and Objectives – keeping them S M A R T
    - Well planned Lesson Plans (to allow aims and objectives to be met by all learners, but to allow higher and lower level students to achieve)
    - To consider all potential resources available to me and to ensure any students who have further support needs have them met
Deliver teaching
    - Variety of activities and teaching styles
    - Consider and include different learning style
    - To ensure inclusion and support
    - How both the learners and myself have done
    - To reflect, give feedback, receive feedback and encourage students to peer assess (SPOC)
To achieve this I believe that you have to utilise all of the professional, as well as personal qualities that you have (patience, understanding, rapport with students etc) and make these work to enable better learning for all.

My responsibilities as a teacher include all of the aforementioned but also I am responsible for creating a safe learning environment where my learners can feel supported and encouraged. The key responsibility areas that I have to include are:
    - H&S – Legal
    - ECM – Wellbeing/safeguarding
    - Covering curriculum
    - To continue learning and developing my own skills and knowledge
    - To actually teach...