Role and Responsibilities of a Teacher in the Life Long Learning Sector

Julie Chambers     11/09/2012

What are the roles and responsibilities of a teacher in the Adult Learning Sector

The role and responsibilities of a teacher in the Adult Learning Sector, is to support the student during their course and until they have completed it in full. Providing a safe and healthy learning environment is required, where learners are able to work at their own individual level.

Initial Assessment and Induction enables the teacher to pin point any additional support that may be required throughout the course. The use of diagnostic tools, questioning, learning styles and knowledge of prior learning all give information about barriers that will need to be overcome for the student to succeed. When differentiating for learners with specific barriers a teacher may need to request support from another department as it is beyond their skill base and knowledge.

When planning the sessions the teacher needs to consider how to meet its aims and objectives and the needs of learners, a scheme of works will ensure all the aims and objectives are met. The layout of the training room is also important as splitting a large group into smaller ones can encourage less confident students to join in discussions. The setting of smart targets should be used, specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic and time related. These targets will help develop the learning of the student and maintain motivation. Feedback and evaluation at the end of every session are very important; this creates an opportunity to discuss what has been achieved, a good teacher will always listen and respond to students, monitor progress and act upon feedback; a great quality would be to have a wide repertoire of methods on which to draw upon, knowing which would be most effective in what circumstances. Having confidence in using technology to enhance the learning experience will help bring enthusiasm and creativity to learning.

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