Rogers Theory of the Person

The experiences that have shaped my life and the thoughts and feelings that I had buried for almost twenty years were amalgamated when I had my first encounter with counselling.   I would like to explore these experiences in this essay as they relate to the counselling relationships that I have engaged in.   These span both client and counsellor interactions and my perceptions and understanding of ethical issues and Rogers’ (DATE) core conditions.   I will describe how the use of counselling skills established a therapeutic relationship to nurture me, as a client, to enable me to express myself and gain insight and as a developing counsellor, is allowing me to learn how to provide this nurturing.
In the process of reflecting and evaluating in this essay, I hope to learn more about how my skills and theories have developed due to my associations with counselling and also to consolidate my current views.   The processes that a client and a counsellor go through during their time together whilst needing to be separate due to their own input, become fused as the relationship progresses in order for both to achieve the shared intent and outcome.   Like a recipe, the ingredients in the counselling relationship may be the same but the way in which they are brought together, depends on the needs of the client and the approach of the counsellor, resulting in a slightly different dish at the end.   The personal growth and development that I achieved as a result of receiving counselling, is also my goal during this course along with increased confidence in the person centred awareness that I feel I have had within me, without actually knowing what it was.

Experience as a Client
It was difficult in the beginning to write about my past experiences of being with a counsellor, as I felt overshadowed by the knowledge and the theories that I have now come to understand.   I had to search my memory for the feelings of the experience at those times in order for the...