Product Analysis


Currently in the consumer market colgate have some stiff rivalry like competitor Darlie.
In the consumer market ,consumer like to be butterflies due to social group. Thus,Colgate endeavors to innovations and assessing consumer need and want also let the consumer know the ideal oral care highlight in the colgate toothpaste.


In human daily life’s toothpaste is a need for everyone's if not human teeth will lose their teeth and turn yellowish instead of white color. Toothpaste is a life product that once the paste replenishment the consumer must go to any mart or convenience store to purchase the toothpaste.In the competitor market colgate has a strong brand name that people first think will thought about colgate. Colgate has wide range of product line and include dental and oral care basics with different benefits to satisfy consumers compare to Darlie.

Colgate to consumer is well know brand but inside the toothpaste include chemical that already in the toothpaste but consumer will still check the ingredients that make from natural resource and consumer will check is it got chemical call Fluoride. Only product that have free from Fluoride is Colgate kid toothpaste. See Figure 1


Figure 1

Product Features

In product must have these three level the core which is the inner actual is the second outer and lastly outer is augmented product. With this three level can study how to make colgate consumer satisfy and the needs and wants from each the inner to outer level when making product strategy.

Core Customer Value

The core customer value give good oral care for consumers who have purchase colagte and colagte can benefit for solve these few's example bad breath,gum aggravation, tooth and roots holes, tartar,stains,gingivitis, plaque lastly is powerless finish.

Actual Product

Colagte use red color as their product...