.       Robber 1 (dressed in a workman’s work suit labelled VOITH) came to the branch in the morning at around 10:30hrs and made an enquiry about changing USD to ZAR. He left immediately after the enquiry.  
2.       Robber 1 returned later in the afternoon around 14:30hrs with TWO accomplices. All their approaches and entrances into the branch were independent. Their vehicle had dropped them off at various points.
3.       They waited for a member of staff to return from a break and pounced as he entered the Teller area at about 14:50 hrs. It happened so fast that there was no time to press the panic button, not even by the other staff member who had a gun pointed at her simultaneously.  
4.       All three robbers in the branch were armed with hand guns.
5.       One of the robbers remained on lookout in the shop to ensure that everything looked normal. He even discouraged a client from sitting or lying on the floor. The client was then ordered to enter the Teller area and soon after a second client was allowed to enter the branch and then immediately forced into the Teller area as well.  
6.       The robbers intended to lock everyone in the toilet but were unable to do so because it cannot lock from the outside.
7.       All personal possessions were taken (hand bags, mobile phones, etc.). One of our staff requested for the robbers to leave their car keys and fortunately they did.
8.       Cash was taken from the tellers drawers and they threatened to shoot unless the time delay lock on the safe was activated. They knocked one of our staff over the head with a handgun and waited until the safe was open (ten minutes later), cleared it out and then left with their haul in our staff member’s handbag.
9.       The robbers also asked for the keys to CCTV cabinet but appeared unconcerned that the staff did not have the keys on site.
10.   Their getaway vehicle was a relatively new black Ford Kuga SUV with tinted windows (probably stolen). It pulled up to close the...