Rob's Ethics

Robert Niemi
Into to Business
Ethics Paper
In chapter 1 there is a story about the social Security Administration giving prison inmates and dead people economic stimulus checks from the federal government.   It gave these checks to more than 17,000 prisoners and almost 72,000 dead people.   These checks given totaled $23.3 million.   I believe this is unethical because people who have broken the law and are in prison should not be given stimulus checks from the government.   Dead people also should not be getting stimulus checks from the government as they are passed away and can’t spend it anyhow.   The federal government should be giving this money to the people who deserve it, like the people who protect this country or people who are in need.   This is why I think this is unethical.
In 2010 Washington D.C. put a 5 cent tax on every disposal bag.   The disposable bags plummeted in use as studies showed the people didn’t want to spend that money on bags and they were guilty to ask for disposable bags in front of fellow customers when shopping.   I believe this is ethical as the Washington D.C. area was helping the cause of eliminated the plastic waste that may be hurting our environment.   Reducing waste is doing what’s right for our planet and that’s why I believe it is ethical.
A number of Universities including Northwestern, Ohio State, and Virginia Tech rushed over to India to build campuses to boost enrollment.   This is unethical to me as the United States is not in the top ten in education and we could always use more education.   With that money building school in India you could use it to build more campuses in the United States to enroll more students here.   So many students don’t get into the college they want to be in and these universities could help more students get an education rather than shipping them over to India.

The former CEO of Merrill Lynch, Stanley O’Neal announced his retirement as the company was...