Road Rage

Sammy Parasteh

August 11, 2013

      The Dangers of Road Rage

Road Rage can trigger very unpredictable, immature, and irresponsible driving

behaviour from many people. It is responsible for many accidents on the road. According to

the psychiatric association, it is called “Intermittent Explosive Disorder.” It is a behavioural

disorder characterized by severe expressions of anger, often to the point of uncontrollable

rage. Intermittent Explosive Disorder has been a serious issue for several years, however, the

general public was unaware of how common it was on the road. (Kessler)

Road Rage is a relatively serious action. It can be perceived as a threat to public

safety. There are various punishments for road rage. Most people who road rage are called

“Road Ragers”. They can be prosecuted simply for the fact they are driving recklessly. Drivers

with low tolerance for traffic delays, might respond by following too closely, changing lanes

frequently, or becoming angry at anyone who impedes their progress. They will scream or

sound their horn often. Certain people drive aggressively because they are really busy, they

have too much to do and are running late for work, their next meeting, lesson, sports game,

or some appointment they have to attend.

There are many ways to avoid becoming a victim of road rage. Firstly, you can obey

posted speed limits and traffic laws. You must be cautious and expect the unexpected. If you

are cut off, do not make any hand gestures to the other motorist. Also if you are being chased

by another motorist who appears to be in a rage, do not weave in and out of traffic. You could

cause harm to yourself, passengers, and other motorists. Aggressive driving and road rage is

on the rise.

With more and more people in the world and in the workforce, roads are becoming

increasingly crowded. Inside our vehicles, we’re not always as polite as we would be to...