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The Military Revolution versus the Revolution in the Military Affairs

There are questions about when military revolutions took place, what it got involved and if it
brought any changes in the development of the revolution in military affairs.
Many military operations are now possible across any theater of operations under some
circumstances. Those due to the past experiences that historians call “Military Revolution” and
those that involve changes, that in order to be able to conduct military future operations with the
desire for globalization, the military refer to it as “The Revolution in Military Affairs”.
Military revolutions are part of our history and there is some relationship and linkage as part
of our culture today. In according to MacGregor Knox and Williamson Murray, on the book
“The dynamic of Military Revolution”, it is discussed that the concept of military revolution
emerged in 1955 ¹. However, I see that there are military historians like Geoffrey Parker,
Michael Roberts and Carlo M. Cipolla (just to mention some), with the argument about if
everything started in early 1550 to 1650, or if the military revolution took part on years between
1650 to the latest 1800’s. All we know, is that in the earliest of the fifteenth century most of the
military conflicts and wars were fought using basically the same weapons and using the same
type of operations, techniques and movement learned from others during the past battles and it
was not until the beginning of the sixteenth century that changes started to happen with new
tactics and new weapons. As history is written, I can mention some of the wars that happened
during the point in time from 1550 to 1800 like: the French Wars of Religion in 1562 to 1598,
the Thirty Year’s War in 1618 to 1648, the French War of 1792 to 1815, the alliance of 1813
between Britain-Austria-Russia and Prussia, and many others.
¹ MacGregor Knox and Williamson Murray, The Dynamic of...