River Island


• Immediate competitors at close proximity:
  ZARA, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, New Look, Bershka, Next, H&M
• Competitor with lower price points:
• Competition from new entered foreign online brands that offer very fast fashion styles at even more affordable prices.
• Economic slowdown/ cyclical economic changes.
  Economic instability due to recession market – consumes are likely to spend less as they have less disposable income.
• Competitors’ websites becoming more editorial and inspirational.
• Rising cost of raw materials and commodity prices.
• Change in consumer preferences.
• More competitors arrive in the retail industry.
• Technology impact
• Weather, a poor growing season due to changes in weather can seriously affects production.
• Lack of suppliers


• Do more collaboration, to attract more customers with a more fashion forward and commercial ranges.
• Further development of the sales and service team to improve product knowledge throughout the store.
• Improve the induction process along with a more structured review process to help direct and motivate employees.
• More student discount.
• Add more ranges.
• To advance and expand mobile platforms.
• Expand international websites to more foreign markets.


• Few ranges are not as fashion forward than competitors.
• Ranges and products are not turned over as quickly as competitors such as ZARA whose turnover is every two weeks.   As fast fashion increases, River Island should be adapting to this change in the market.
• Lack of petite, tall and maternity wears.
• Online ‘Trends’ not easily identifiable in store (Hounslow)


• High quality products that meets customer’s expectations.
• Online services, next day delivery and click and collect all available, this increase revenue and brand loyalty.
• Well designed and easy to use website.
• Social...