Risk Assessnent

UNIT 703-   RISK ASSESSMENT | Location Assessed: NPTC Group | Assessed By:   Jordan Dunt | Date:   |

Hazard | Persons at Risk | Level of Risk(High, Medium or Low) | Control Measures   currently in   Place to Reduce Risk | Level of Residual Risk (High, Medium or Low) | Further Preventative and Protective Measures | Persons Responsible for Measures | Action by When | Date Action Completed |
Ovens-Burns | Chefs, Temp staff, maintenance, kitchen porters   | High | PPE- oven cloths which have to be dry and heat resident. The oven cloths must have no holes and should be a good quality. PPE- chef’s whites, long sleeves which protect your arms, apron which are at least knee length and doubled over.When opening an oven door stand behind it and let the heat vent out. | Medium | Give all staff training. Buy an oven which has an automatic shut off so hot air isn’t blasting out when the door is open. | Head or sous chefs, owners, general managers | | |
Chemicals -Dermatitis-Chemical burns | Maintenance,Kitchen porters, cleaners, pot washers | High | Label all chemicals so people are aware if they are high, medium or a low risk, they will also need a COSHH data sheet to go with them.PPE- when using chemicals the person must use long, thick and strong gloves to protect their hands, goggles to protect their eyes and a long apron which chemicals will run straight off to protect themselves when using a chemical which is a high risk.Give the necessary staff the correct training to use the chemicals, COSHH training.Chemicals should be locked away so people don’t mix them to a concentration which is unsafe. | Medium | Purchase a dishwasher; this will prevent contact with chemicals.Provide issue barrier cream and make sure all staff knows they have to report any skin irritations.Train staff so they know how to correctly wash and dry their hands so hands don’t dry out.Look for safer products; ask manufactures whether they can provide something less dangerous. | Owner,...