Risk Assessmant

Risk Assessment

Accidents can and will happen to children while they are at nursery/school. It is our job as teachers/assistants to make sure that these accidents can be avoided by putting procedures in place to maintain a safe environment for the children to learn and develop new skills. One procedure that can be put in place is a risk management assessment and report. These outline any potential risks that the child may come into contact with during their daily school routine.
I currently work in a nursery with many different rooms so to make a detailed risk assessment I went through each room and noted any potential risks that the children might encounter during a normal school day. If there were any risks I made a note of them and how best to avoid any accidents.

| Risk | What could happen | How to prevent this |
Cloak room | Shoe boxes below coat hangers |     * Child could stand on top of boxes trip and hurt themselves on the hangers | Supervise Children when they are putting on their hats and coats.Tell the children that they are now allowed to stand on the boxes as they are dangerous |
Main Hall | Doors (All Areas) |     * Child could open the door and leave the room without the adult knowing.   * Could catch fingers or other body parts on door | Make sure to have appropriate locks for each of the doors.Have rules in place so child knows not to opens doors eg. “only teachers open doors” |
| Electrical sockets |     * Child could put something into the socket   * Socket itself could be faulty. | Make sure that electrical sockets are covered.Check sockets regularly*schools are required to have all sockets checked once a year |
| Floors (All Areas) |     * There are many instances on how children can hurt themselves e.g tripping over an object, slipping on a wet floor. | Keep floors clean and clutter free at all timesClean up any spillages straight awayExplain that there is no running in the classroom   as it’s the most cause of trips and falls...