Rising 6th Graders

Here I stand, before you as an eighth grader I look back to when I first began my years at CB Middle School. Soon I will begin my high school journey and once again become the small grade looking up to the upper classmen that seem so big. I would like to take a look back and remember the happiness at CB Middle School that I experienced and that you get to look forward to.

When I think of good memories at CB Middle School, a few things come to mind such as the Spring Fling dance, the numerous school sports, BETA Club, Student Council and the list goes on.   All of which will bring all of you closer, teaching you to trust each other, and function as a whole grade, instead of individuals.   Now that you are entering the seventh grade next year all of the wonderful extracurricular activities that CB Middle School has to offer is waiting for you.   During all of these activities, slowly but surely you will gain one of the most important things you need in middle school. Friends. Through the three years you have at CBM you will learn different lessons about friends in each grade. Like, making great new friends in sixth grade, growing tighter with them in seventh grade and learning that you will keep them forever in eighth grade.

I have learned many things at this school, but as I move into high school, I will have many new lessons to learn, as well as many new things to look forward to. I will also continue laying the ground work for the path that my years at CBM has prepared me for.   As rising seventh graders you need to realize that it starts now. You cannot be the best when you do not put forth your best.   You have to push yourself to achieve more.   If you a good student push to be the best student, always be where you say you will be, always finish what you start, and always be true to your word and yourself no matter what.  

Have a great summer and be ready to give 110% for seventh grade.  

Thank you