Budget Analyst Resume:

Examined budget and searched for innovative ways to improve efficiency and increase company profits
Conducted training session for upper level management on the financial system
Prepared comparison of expense to budget reports for executives
Performed budget and cost analysis
Assured correctness of the database
Analyzed past and current budgets
Prepared and justify budget requests and allocate funds
Compile data for financial report and make revenue forecast
Communicated with property managers regarding their budget line items queries
Conducted budget transfers to cover unforeseen expenses

Budget Preparation: Evaluate, review, and develop budget estimates, performance measurements, and justifications for assigned departments.
Prepare budget estimates submissions, performs budget formulation work involving preparation of detailed analysis and cost analysis of multi-year funding needs for one or more future budget years.
Review budget requests for compliance (to organization, state and federal regulations), completeness and reasonableness.
Evaluate, correct and revise requests as needed.
Enter corrected budget data into the Yardi Integrated Financial System.
Update and maintain the Salary and Benefits Worksheet (an Excel spreadsheet for Human Resources. This worksheet calculates the salaries, potential raises, bonuses and overtime for all employees. In addition, FICA, retirement, insurance payments, workmen’s compensation and unemployment budgets submissions were generated. These costs are allocated over the year by departments and across funds per employee.)

Budget Management: Ensure reasonableness, accuracy, and conformance with procedures and guidelines;
Compiles and reviews budgets using actual performance, previous budget figures, estimated spending, and other data sources to control budgets and provide for proper financial decisions.
Coordinates and participates in the development of the program budget