Riordan Manufacturing Corporate Compliance Plan

Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan
This plan is to ensure that Riordan Manufacturing is in compliance with federal, state, international, and local laws.   It is also to guarantee that Riordan provides an ethical code of conduct, while remaining profitable and continue to grow.   This is a plan that everyone must be required to comply with including Officers, Board members, employees, and those contracted by the company.   Compliance is mandatory in order to prevent legal issues from occurring, and to detect legal issues and correct them.
Employee Resources:   As Riordan continues to expand, its’ number of employees continually grows.   Riordan has a human resources department that manages employee relations, compensation, recruitment, and payroll.   It is the responsibility of the HR department to make sure that they have an open door policy. If any issues were to arise, it is their responsibility to ensure that all problems are handled professionally and ethically.   Riordan fully complies with labor laws and statutes pertaining to employee and workplace environment.   In order to avoid risks associated with Title VII, Riordan does not discriminate based on gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, race, or religion.   If there are accusations of discrimination, Riordan will take the necessary steps in order to diffuse and correct the situation.   The company will start by using a from of Alternate Dispute Resolution and try to keep the situation from escalating.
Alternate Dispute Resolution:   ADR offers the parties an alternative means to settling their disputes outside of the courtroom (Cheeseman, 2010.)   Because this is an alternative to an otherwise costly way of settling differences, Riordan will make every attempt to solve issues with this approach.   This will not only save money, but will keep the company out of being made a public spectacle.   Initially the company will try Mediation, and if not...