Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing
Riordan Manufacturing must continue to satisfy their customers with innovative ideas currently and in the future.   They need to continue to produce a quality product and implement streamlined manufacturing processes.   Riordan Manufacturing needs to invest in upgrading systems processes.
Entailed is a Material Requirements Planning (MRP) for the manufacturing of the Riordan fans, a new process design for the production, a supply chain which takes advantage of global opportunities; such as lower labor cost.   Further discussion will include a production forecast, an implementation plan; including Gantt chart of design process, and a cover letter detailing how to coordinate aggregate operations planning and TQM.
Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
Presently, the processing portion of Riordan Manufacturing is based in the plant located in China.   The receiving units implement Material Requirement Planning (MRP) to adhere to the material requirements; which receives, combines and processes materials prior to going to the molding unit.   Next, the assembly unit receives the products and forwards it to the appropriate packing unit.   Lastly, the product is shipped to its destination.
Riordan Manufacturing, in an effort to reduce production costs, has become concerned with scrap materials in the respective units.   Salt is used to reduce the level of waste in manufacturing from every production unit.   This will lower production cost and boost profit for each unit produced.   One initiative already commenced is the Hangzhou plant’s utilization of extra parts within its products that are customized.   In order to make the process more effective and precise, the MRP process should be automated throughout the manufacturing process.   This would minimize overstock, ensure the reception of custom parts, and minimize lag time in material shipping and receiving by creating a Just-in-Time (JIT) supply chain atmosphere.   In this atmosphere...