Riordan Manufacturing
March 21, 2013

Riordan Manufacturing
In the world of manufacturing there are many areas to consider when trying to ensure a
lasting and operational company.   Some of these areas include; location, customer market, secure
jobs, and consolidation.   When these areas have a balance, it makes it easier while the necessary
adjustments are made to bring the deficient area up to speed.   By keeping these areas balanced,
the company can develop and bring in more revenue.   This paper will be implementing the
SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, and Trends) evaluation process in the
The location of the company is vital.   It has to be accessible to the customers in reference
to delivery or pick-ups purposes.   The location will bring more jobs to that certain area and more
money in the community.   It will allow the small businesses like insurance agencies and small
contracting companies to do small jobs here and there.   At the same time it opens doors for
Riordan to establish rapport and obtain new customers.   Riordan has established plants on the
west coast, the mid west, the east coast, and on foreign land. Riordan main corporate office is in
San Jose, CA. The second one is in Pontiac, MI.   The third one is in Albany, GA.   Lastly, the
fourth one is in Hangzhou, China.  
Customer Market
Being a company that produces plastics, Riordan has a pretty direct market.   This comes
off as a trend that could go with or against them.   It can be easy to assume they are forgetting the
smaller businesses because the profit would not be as great.   When these larger company
customers make purchases, it is in large quantities.   For example, companies that may produce
water or other beverages that use plastics would be need to purchase Riordan products in very
large quantities to fulfill their demand for their own products to distributed for profit.   This type of