Riordan Compliance Plan Outline

Riordan Compliance Plan Outline
Sally Wilson, Carlos Heslop, Malaika Williams, Gary Brown, and Charlie
University of Phoenix
March 31, 2010

  I. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  A. Meaning
  B. Potential Issues with Riordan
  1. Breach of Contracts
  2. Lawsuits
  3. Non-Compliance
  C. Riordan process for   handling Issues
  1. Types and features
  * Arbitration
  * Mediation
  * Negotiation
  * Collaborative law
  II. Legal forms of business
  A. Types
  1. Sole Proprietorship
  2. General Partnership
  3. Limited Partnership
  4. Regular Corporation
  5. S Corporation
  6. Professional Corporation
  7. Limited Liability Company
  8. Professional Limited Liability Company
  9. Limited Liability Partnership
  B. Advantages and Disadvantages
  C. Select which best fits for the company, Riordan
  III. Enterprise and Product Liability
  A. Enterprise liability
  1. Holds Riordan responsible accident costs
  * Could be phenols in some of the resins that China uses
  * Negligence
  B. Riordan Responsibility
  1. Warranties
  2. Standards for Product Liability
  * Protect the Public against unreasonable risk
  * Develop standards for consumer product safety
  * Help consumers become more informed about evaluating safety
  * Fund research in matters of product safety design and product caused injuries/illness
  IV. International Law
  A. Non-statutory Sources of International Law
  1. Hangzhou, China
  * Language
  * Environment and Technology
  2. Principles of International Law
  * Repatriation
  * Conflict of Law
  * Antitrust Laws
  * Expropriation
  * Sovereign immunity
  V. Riordan’s Tangible Property/ Personal Property
  A. Riordan Personal Property
  1. Computers, machines, building,   plastic beverage containers, company truck
  2. Leasing of Building
  3. Uniform Commercials Code (UCC)
  * Liens
  B. Riordan rights w/ Personal...