Rights and Duties of a Landlord

Unit 6:   Rights And Duties Of A Landlord
Ingrid “Chris” Sims
Kaplan University

PA 303-01
Professor Robert Allen
August 17, 2015

Rights And Duties Of A Landlord:

Compare And Contrast The Landlord Rights And Duties Of The Two States Of Your


          Rights And Duties Of A Landlord:

RIGHTS:                                                               DUTIES:

INDIANA According to Indiana law, the landlord must comply with all building and health codes and provide a safe and clean dwelling.   The rental unit must be cleaned, with furnaces and windows working.   Locks must be on every outside door or doors that lead to a common area.   Keeping rental premises habitable includes maintaining the structural safety of the building and weatherproofing. The landlord’s duty is to maintain all common areas throughout the rental.
INDIANA The landlord has the right to enter the rental unit. But he cannot enter anytime he wishes. He must have adequate access to the property at all times. Common areas are those areas shared by all tenants. Which may include fences, parking, and landscaping and recreational areas.
INDIANA He must give reasonable notice within reasonable time/hours.   Most landlords will give a 24-hour notice.   And enter during normal business hours. The areas mentioned above must be in compliance with Indiana’s health and housing codes.
INDIANA Neither instance of reasonable is defined in the Indiana code. Electrical, plumbing, sanitary, and heating, to include ventilation, A/C, elevators (if provided). And all appliances that are supplied within rental units.
INDIANA The reason for entry includes requested repairs, inspections, maintenance, court order, and abandonment or showing the apartment to prospective tenants or for emergency purposes.
INDIANA The landlord has the right to terminate tenancy and pursue an...