Richard Layard Stated That ‘Happiness Coms from Outside and Within’ Explain This Statement Drawing on Evidence from Chapters of 2 and 4 of the Module

In this essay I will explore with the use of evidence and research the statement made by Richard Layard that happiness comes from outside and within. The happiness comes from the outside will be shown to be directly attributable to having a stable relationship, enjoyable experiences and environment, whereas the happiness within section will focus on the brains activity, the body’s chemical make-up and the biological factors.
Firstly I will explore the outside factors that can have a direct impact on people’s happiness. Psychologist Richard Layard 2005 attempted to identify the various factors which make people happy, his ‘Big 7’ listed factors which prompted ‘feelings of happiness’ such as hood health,
Satisfying work and personal freedom but he found the biggest and most important and most impacting factor on people’s happiness was close, personal relationships. When people have good strong relationships with friends and family they are happier and more content and better able to deal with issues and problems.
Robert Lane (2000) also showed our happiness is also linked to our close relationships with our family and friends. He found through our relationships we gain happiness, that peoples responses and actions towards us impact our sense of well-being and therefore how people like us or dislike us, how they feel and react towards us and how they treat us influences our mood and happiness. He also discovered that our happiness was based on the quality of our relationships of those nearest to us.
John Gottman (1999) conducted a study analysing video tapes of many couples’s interactions over a period of 14 years. Gottman found that couples who were more successful in their marriage tended to be more supportive and less critical of each other, which later led to being more tolerant of each other’s weaknesses.
Everyone needs to feel needed, supported and valued from the very moment they are born. Mary Ainsworth (1978) suggesting that having a secure attachment...