Rich Picture Essay

This picture illustrates the timeline of my life. I was born on the 25th of July 1980 in the city of Warri in Delta state, Nigeria. I attended NNPC nursery and primary school in Delta state, but never got to graduate from the school because my family had to relocate to the city of Port Harcourt due to my father’s job who was a Civil servant working with the Nigerian National Petroleum Cooperation. It took my family and I approximately 2 months to integrate into the Port Harcourt society culture which is in accordance with Hofstede(1991) theory of culture. The integration process was made easier by attending one of the private schools named St Ann’s nursery and primary schools there and I was also made to repeat a class in order to be able to integrate with the Rivers state’s Education system.
After Graduating from primary school education, I was sent to a boarding school in Ondo state located in the western part of Nigeria to study for my secondary school education level, integrating with the culture of the western part of the country proved more challenging as the locals were mostly illiterates and would speak only in their local dialect which made communication a really difficult task for me. It proved to a terrible barrier when I had to go shopping and the traders or service providers fail to understand me. It took me 5 years to fully integrate with this environment. In the boarding school I learnt to be independent, live without both parents for months which actually made me a stronger man, the man I am today. In secondary school I learnt a lot of daily life activities from friends such as cooking, smoking and drinking, after Graduation my family and I had to relocate again to the Lagos state which is in the western part of Nigeria and integrating was not really as challenging as it has always been because I had acquired adequate knowledge from travelling and receiving educations from people of different culture.
Two years after graduation from secondary...