Parade Ground Soldiers
This article is basically dealing with the French’s attitude toward England its ally. What caused the majority of this attitude between the two was the battlefield tactics that were employed. At the beginning of this war, the French relied heavily on Great Britain for its economic resources. The French felt that the English would have much more responsibilities dealing with their infantry in the coming months. The 1916 campaign was to take place on the Somme River. The Germans attacked the French at Verdun which allowed the English to surpass the French at this time. The French were upset with the British became optimistic and began contributing more. There was a lot of competition when the British met up against the Germans, but this allowed the French to move quickly taking two enemy lines. The French became happier with the British. The British failed once again later in the fall and left the French not as optimistic. The French did although praise the courage that the British had when under fire, but the question arose that there might be too much manpower and lives being wasted in this head to head combat.   As the Battle of Verdun continued, The French’s confidence began to fall. The men on the front lines were not as enthusiastic as they once were. These events of 1916 had a great deal of impact on the French War effort, and I think it might could have a little to do with the outbreak of World War II.