Rhetorical Essay

Letter from the Eight White Clergymen vs. Letter from Birmingham –
Long Rhetorical Analysis Paper

In 1963 Birmingham, Alabama, Eight White Clergymen writes a letter to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., while he was incarcerated for disturbing the peace. The actions that are being taken by King and his followers are causing unnecessary violence in the community and want to keep their city a peaceful town and if the “Negros” has a problem with the laws they have established to keep order they need to seek justice in the courts not in the streets.   They also accuse King of causing civil unrest in the city when in reality it is injustice by the “white moderates” that has cause the violence in their attempt to keep law and order on peaceful demonstrations and sit-ins.

The Clergymen urged King to stop the demonstration since it was apparent it was destructive to their way of life.   King was rather annoyed with “the white moderates”(King 22) He decides to approach them by positioning those who have put him under a microscope under the scope. The Clergymen state the majority feels Kings actions are extreme for the situation doesn’t warrant such extreme measures.   In actuality it does since previous actions and/or conversations have fallen on deaf ears and the minority is still suffering as a result of the unjust laws and actions of the majorities laws.

While though they agree change must come they refuse to support King and his efforts for equality stating that the method of his ways was violent and unlawful.

King and his followers committed no violent acts nor did they disobey any laws.
King begins to refute the comments and assumptions made by the Clergymen regarding their concern for his presence in Birmingham. The “white moderates” constant ignorance towards the segregation and injustice has caused the African-American community to now stand up to the unjust laws and inequality.   These are the reasons that have has force King to come to Birmingham.