Rhetorical Analysis

Buying Time for Economy: Greg Ip’s Analysis in Economic Crisis
Rhetorical strategies are employed by writers to use in different ways to persuade the readers. In the essay “Think this economy is bad? Wait for 2012”, Greg Ip gives a quite distinct perspective from other economists about the economic crisis. He properly uses organizational strategies in his text to reveal a fact to his audiences what he thought when the economic crisis will come next, then he gives several examples which had happened in the history that coincide with his idea and strongly support his argument. In the text, Ip organizes his essay precisely and logically to make his argument logical, balanced, and fully supported by evidences.
At the beginning of the article, Ip lists those crises that the economists predict what crisis will possibly come the next, gives audiences a clear idea of what is his topic and lure audience to continue their reading, and then he turns around and stands his position, tells audiences that his perspective is quite different from others. On page 429, the second paragraph, “I, for one, have no idea what will cause the next economic disaster. But I do have an idea of then it will begin: 2012”. He asserts his situation that he is not going to argue with other economists, but he gives a distinct idea from others then he predicted when the crises will come instead of what is the upcoming crisis. In the next text, “Yes, an election year. Economic crises have a habit of erupting just when politicians face the voters” (429). Ip gave the reason where his idea is standing on. At this point, Ip successfully draws reader’s attention.
After Ip stands his position, he starts with poignant example to proof his claim. He provides a case which happened in 1988 presidential election; Vice President George H.W. Bush and Democratic nominee Michael Dukais ignored the escalating losses in the nation’s insolvent thrifts. He clearly states the cause of the crisis which was the 1988...