Rhetorical Analysis

The Electrolux Cleaner
    The use of beautiful women is not a new idea in advertising.   They are subjects of advertisements in areas such as cosmetics, weight loss, and specifically cleaning products, such as The Electrolux.   The Electrolux is a bagless and automatic cleaner that provides deep cleaning and makes cleaning easier and convenient compared to other machines.   The advertiser of The Electrolux Cleaner knows how convenient the cleaner is and effectively uses women along with several different techniques as a marketing focus in order to capture the attention of household owners.
    The use of pathos is one of the effective techniques that the marketer uses in the advertisement and is probably one of the most persuasive content of the advertisement that is used to affect the audience emotions.   The marketer uses statements such as, “No Dust Bag, No Paper Bag, Nothing to Take Out, and No Dirt to Handle Ever.”   Just to think of not having to face the headache of changing bags will cause the potential consumer to have feelings of excitement and happiness.   The consumer will also be ecstatic over the idea of saving money because he or she will never have to buy another bag.   Not only does the advertisement use text as pathos to appeal to the potential consumer’s emotions, but the ad contains images and coloring as well.   In this particular advertisement, there are two beautiful women at the top of the ad that are talking to each other.   The women are showing facial expressions that reflect the information
THE ELECTROLUX CLEANER                                                                                                                         3
they are talking about is very informing and interesting. The advertiser also uses bold text, the color red, and also underlines “never” in order to get the most important feature of the cleaner across to the consumer.
    Along with pathos, another effective technique the advertiser uses is logos.   Logos...