Rhetorical Analysis of Being a Utc Student

Jordan Lockler
Mr. Parker
English 1010
October 19, 2010
Rhetorical Analysis
As I graduated high school I was very enthusiastic about entering into college.   As I visited the many colleges I thought I would enroll into, there are many different characteristics about each school that I would have liked and disliked.   Some have large, medium, and small campuses, but as I got deeper within each college there were many different, cliques, fraternities, and sororities that I would have needed to get affiliated with to “fit in.” No matter which college I chose, as the semester progressed I realized all the professors were the same. The effort that I was to give in class was the grade that I was to receive for the effort. As much as this seems to be a theory it is not so much true. As budgets, year after year, keep getting lower and lower, teachers become fewer and fewer. As a result, as discussed in Brent Staples article Why Colleges Shower Their Student with A’s, teachers are doing whatever is possible to keep their jobs. This is not brought upon greed, but it is brought upon as the need of survival. Which brings me to the point of how ethos, pathos, and logos are represented in the article “Why Colleges Shower Their Students with A’s“, by Brent Staples.
As I grow older and wiser, I begin to realize I want to pay more for quality that I receive.   As I come to reality, I notice that the high quality and simple value are essentially the exact same. Some may be confused by this statement, but this is more than true. As more and more students begin to fail college level classes, the more seem to drop out of school. As college professors begin to see this underlying trend they add more and more incentive to make their resume look more prestige.   Therefore, if a teacher has a low average of a class the university will review the class in its entirety.   All of this applies to ethics in many different ways but the most uniform ideas all fall back on the teachers.   The...