Rhetorical Analysis Essay Sir Mix-a-Lot

Sir Disrespect-a-Lot

In the 1990’s kids in High School liked to listen to rap music.   Among the popular rap songs at this time was Sir Mix-a-Lot’s song “Baby Got Back” featured in his 1992 album “Mack Daddy.”   This song had a very catchy beat and lyrics that were easy to remember and fun to sing along with.   Students would roam through the halls at school singing, dancing, and just plain having a good time jamming to this song with their friends.   What they did not realize was that deeper beneath a catchy beat, an offensive image of women was being put out.   Sir Mix-a-Lots music video “Baby Got Back” offended women by using images matched with lyrics that objectified women.
Initially the audience for his video with its display of women appeared to be geared towards men, specifically brothers and but would also catch the attention of a more youth based audience with its catchy upbeat rhythm.   In a more negative view the raw, in your face video displayed half naked women dancing in a rather inappropriate sexual manner which brought on an enraged audience of women who were offended by the video and lyrics.  
In disagreement to the offended parties Sir Mix-a-Lot stated in an interview with Wikipedia “I like large butts, you know?   The song is talking about women who damn near kill themselves to try to look like these beanpole models that you see in Vogue Magazine.”   He explains that most women respond positively to the songs message, especially black women.   “They all say, ‘about time.’”   At the time of its original release, the song caused controversy with its outspoken and blatantly sexual lyrics about women, as well as references to the female anatomy which some people found objectionable.   For a brief period of time the video was banned by MTV.   Anthony Ray (born August 12, 1963), better known by his stage name Sir Mix-a-Lot, is an American MC and producer based in Seattle Washington.   Sir Mix-a-Lot was best known for his 1992 album “Mack Daddy” and its...