Rheology Modifiers Market to Make Great Impact in Near Future by 2026

Rheology modifiers are the substance used to modify the flow of matter. Rheology modifiers are used to precisely control the physical and chemical properties of fluid. Rheology modifiers are the key ingredients in paints, inks and coating as they are used to control the desired physical and chemical properties. The Global Rheology modifiers market is anticipated to grow at CAGR of more than 3% for the forecasted period of 2016 -2021. The growth in application sector such as paints, coating, cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceuticals , industrial chemicals and others sectors are forecasted to manage a single digit annual growth. It is forecasted that the global Rheology modifiers Market to be worth of U.S. $ 5600 MN by the end of 2021.

Rheology modifiers Market: Drivers and Restraints

The key driver for Rheology modifiers Market is the growth in Paints and coating industry, especially in Asia pacific region. It is forecasted that the global paints and coatings industry to grow at CAGR of more than 5% for the next 5 years, staring from 2016.The Cosmetics and personal care segment is also witnessing a robust growth which is expected to beneficial for   Rheology modifiers Market. The increasing company contribution towards research and development such as Evonik Industries AG’s new research center in Asia, is expected to provide solutions for new market segments and improve the performance of traditional segments. The improved construction and industrial activities in developing nations is expected to boost the Rheology modifiers Market.

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On the other hand, the increasing pressure for environmental regulation is one of the major restraining factor. The strict Environmental policies are forcing manufacturers to reformulate their products which adds to the excessive cost of research and development. The falling consumption of ink because of digitalization and rising...