Q1 Answer:
RFIDs help strengthen Wal-Mart’s relationships with its partners by ensuring that the store shelves are always stocked with what customers want. Wal-Mart argues that RFIDs will cut down on employee theft and make for more efficient recalls. Additionally Wal-Mart confirms that it is subsidizing some of the costs for suppliers. But one of the main reasons partners should be happy with Wal-Mart and the implementation of RFIDs is that Wal-Mart is one of the few retail stores who act first when it comes to new innovation and standards, giving then the competitive edge to help increase sales.
Q2 Answer:
The overall goal of the RFIDs is to help Wal-Mart track its products all the way through the supply chain as it moves from its distribution centers to retail stores etc. having a better idea of where your products are at all times helps to improve the capturing of information, drive down costs and keep better track of their assets. This is a great advantage to both Wal-Mart and its suppliers’.
Q3 Answer:
RFID technology increases value and overall satisfaction by helping Wal-Mart keep up with trends like applications on mobile phones and possibly kiosks which help customers stay interacted with Wal-Mart stores and overall shopping experiences.

Q4 Answer:
Consumer privacy in regards to RFIDs may become a concern if they are able to scan customers who carry new types of personal ID cards.   Good luck in the future!