Rex Green Summary Info

Page 7.
Prediction of Future for Character:
7. Based on the events write a description of the life of the main characters as they may be as adults.

-Rex Greene: I believe Rex will still be his rude self but I do think he will change and be a little more caring then he was as a teen. Rex would probably get a job that makes him a leader because Rex loves being the leader and doesn’t like getting told what to do. I believe Melissa and Rex will get married, and have a good life together.
-Melissa: I Believe Melissa’s life will be filled with adventure and curiosity because she loves to explore new things and she’s a very curious person. She will marry Rex and live a great life. She won’t be friends with the other Midnighters because they don’t get along very well. She will work as a traveler and will travel to many places, and discover many things. Melissa’s personality will stay the same. She will still be the fun, outgoing girl she was when she was a teen.
-Desdemona: Desdemona will leave the life of the Midnighters and will live the life of a famous mathematician. She will become rich and famous because of how great she is in math. She will keep to herself mostly and she’ll keep her rude but smart personality.
-Jessica Day: Jessica will become a famous movie star, since she is so good at acting. She will marry Jonathan Martinez and they will live a life full of love and happiness. Her personality will change just a little.   She won’t be as rude as she was as a teen.
-Jonathan Martinez: Jonathan will be a crime scene investigator, since he loves tracking people down. He will marry Jessica Day and they will live in Hollywood so Jessica can live the life of a movie star. He will still be in contact with Rex and Melissa, and will still live the life of a Midnighter.