Reviewing Hollywood vs. America

Br2 Kerwin Davis                                                                                                                
Eng.30 McBride
May 5, 2010
Book Report 2

                                                  Reviewing Hollywood versus America

    Hollywood versus America, by Author, Michael Medved, published by Harper Collins publishers 1992. A unique expression of thoughts, observing moral virtues or the lack thereof that encompasses Hollywood. Destined to be viewed with controversy the author attempts to persuade the reader of an increasingly larger separation of values between the general public and Hollywood’s latest releases.   Through countless references, census polls, and quotes we are encouraged to believe that Hollywood has lost touch with society and the general public.
    This book is very compelling and extremely interesting, a must read for psychology, sociology, and theology students.   I found within the first 3-4 chapters that the content was somewhat repetitive yet I found myself waiting for the next chapter. Although I don’t particularly agree with the context 100% I can however appreciate the attempt of persuasion the author originates.  
      Factoring in the Religious quotations and spiritual references given I find myself feeling as if I’m attending Sunday morning services   without the praise and worship music.   Suddenly there’s a quotation of grave disgust and I realize this isn’t Sunday school anymore!
    The Author comments about how Hollywood has attacked all forms and divisions of religion barring none which in turn has ruffled more than just a few feathers of clergyman.   A huge protest concerning a new release of a film portraying Jesus during his life is referenced to cement the idea to the reader of how out of touch Hollywood is to the general public.
    Midway through the book I find myself feeling depressed and giving accolades’ to myself for not being a movie buff I’m wondering if society is going...