Review Your Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries as a Teacher in Terms of the Teacher/Training Cycle

Review your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.
One of the main and traditional responsibilities of a teacher is to ensure that all the students gain any qualification or skill they have come to achieve. In order to achieve that, a number of steps must be taken.
In this cycle the learner is central and all revolves around him. Paramount are the needs of the learner. In order to achieve something the needs of the learner are to be assessed.

These may be
  * What the learner HAS COME TO ACHIEVE
  * Their expectations
  * Any special needs e.g. if a learner has dyslexia helping by providing coloured paper or providing special materials to aid learning.
  * Any support needed in basic literacy, maths, learning difficulties
  * If the course is right for them
  * Health issues
  * Their qualifications and how long ago they studied
  * The different learning styles, objectives and goals.
  * Barriers to learning
  * Individual levels of self confidence and motivation
A simple interview at the beginning of the course or an assessment form can be used to find out these individual differences, and then the lesson can be planned accordingly.
When planning a lesson everything must be systematic and progress seamlessly to enable maximum learning. The teacher would look at what needs to be covered and give an introduction. Break the information into bite size chunks and cover specifics. Give an overview, progressing to a discussion in class drawing out ideas. This format will be aided by
  * Resources
  * Handouts
  * Use of IT
  * Discussions
Gone are the days when the teacher was just required to teach. Now a teacher needs to be multi faceted. The aims of the course, and the learners, their different learning styles all are to be considered. A variety of teaching styles make the lessons absorbing, interesting and motivating. Other factors also come into play like the...