Review on the Lord of Flies

What do you think William Golding was saying in “Lord of the Flies” about the capacity of human race to behave in a civilized way?

I think William Golding is trying to tell us that the human race always has two personalities, one civilized, another primitive. Civilization is living with rules, always with morals in mind, act peacefully, think about the good of group and respect others. Primitive is brutal, wild, a mess and life in the jungle. If there is no civilization to put pressure on human beings and make them to control themselves, the primitive face inside them will come up to replace their civilization, and eventually, they will behave like animals. «Lord of the Flies» also tries to tell us the story of how man can lose their civilization to become savages.

A group of school boys arrive on a desert island without any grown-up to take control of them, which means they are completely isolated from the world and they must decide right things to do on their own. They can continue their civilization by creating a small organized society of their own. If not, they will turn wild. The story begins with all the boys civilized and ordered, with their wish to return to the world and society that they have been lived before. But as time passes through, they lose their initial hope of being rescued, they enjoy in hunting and life without adults. This enjoyment gradually takes away their civilization.

Ralph and Piggy are the two boys to keep civilization; they always want to put everything organized. Jack adapts quickly into the forest. He soon becomes a brilliant hunter. He finds that with painted faces, the boys could be more successful in hunting. Actually, with painted faces boys can lose their conscious feeling that have always been with them, so they can perform more wildly and freely.

The conch is an important symbol of civilization and order. It is used to call assemblies and whoever has the conch has the right to speak. It represents democracy and...