Review of Journal Article


Philip Dolce wrote on the development of a Criminal Justice program at the community college level to include the students, community, major elements of criminal justice (police, courts, corrections and juvenile offenders), as well as academic personnel to have a fully integrated and interdisciplinary program.   The program was developed at Bergen Community College in Paramus, New Jersey around three major themes: education and extra-curricula experiences of student, construction of joint projects uniting criminal justice practitioners in the four major fields, and a focus on suburban criminal justice.
A great emphasis was placed on the contributions that the students should have within the community. There was an Educational Career Day planned, along with a Criminal Justice Club, encouraging students to become active members of Criminal Justice Professional Organizations, using local agencies and organization for qualitative and quantitative research projects, Seminars in Terrorism, Professional Criminal Justice Seminars, Seminars on Gangs in Suburbia, and the school of thought regarding suburban criminal justice.   Dolce defines this phenomenon as "relationship between the civic order and spatial landscape.”   The students of the college have developed a completely original 13-part television series entitled ‘‘Suburban Criminal Justice: The Bergen County, New Jersey Experience’’. The series is broadcast on cablevision and is the first television series on suburban criminal justice.
The Bergen Community College of New Jersey was awarded the John L. Blackburn Award of the American Association of University Administrators in 2000, also the Chair Academy Outstanding Leadership Award in 2001, and in 2002 the college was awarded the National Education Association Award for Teaching.   These awards show the thoroughness and thoughtfulness that was placed on the development...