Review of Article

Article Review

HCS 430
July 29, 2013
Melissa Borrelli

Article Review


In this article The Concept of Addiction in Law and Regulatory Policy Related to Pain Management
This appears in criminal and in crimes the author of this   article Aaron M. Gilson   MS, MSSW PhD argues that in order for a physician to declare a person a drug addict compulsive behavior must also be noted. This paper will be analyzing Gilson’s article from the viewpoint of a middle- class woman, a poor person.

Gilson agues that many states have the wrong understanding on what make a person addicted to drugs
and can impact the decisions of health care. This article also gives many description of terminological and treatments. These goals have been put in place to reduce addiction and abuse of prescription drugs.

A working class middle- age Woman:
A working class middle- age woman will probable agree with Gilson point of view see that one cannot label actions by other just because they are using medication for a long period of time. Gilson has some really good opinions concerning the current abuse of prescriptions pills. Gilson adds that a person that abuses medications will likely showed withdrawals symptoms due to prolonged use it can be diagnose as an addiction if compulsive behavior is also found. Thus only thirty-seven states have adopted the current policies under diagnostic classifications.

A working woman would probable agree with Gilson stating that more need to be done with the current drug problem that is currently rising. Gilson opinion about the current drug laws should be strictly enforced among all states this can interfere with patient care especially when considering the use of Opioids as a source of treatment. Opioid therapy is often used to treat children, elderly for managing adverse effects to poorly responsive pain and to advance medical and addictive diseases.

A poor person
A poor person would agree with Gilson...