Revenue, Cost and Market

Revenue, Cost and Market                                                                        
Will Bury is going to revolutionizing the way people get reading done. He envisions that people will eventually listen to all the books on digital media players rather than physically reading the books or publications. Studies have shown that listening to a book for work or personal reasons is gaining popularity. He understands the inhuman feel that has been associated with digital voice but has developed technology that eliminates the inhuman sound in the reading.
For the past six months Will has been operating out the garage distributing books that he has converted using his developed technology. Mr. Bury has had limited success up to this point and does not feel the items he offers are priced correctly. At the present time Will has been charging $15 dollars for copy written material and $10 for open literature.
Will Bury is at a crossroads regarding the business. The business is in the growth stage of the business cycle. At this point the business According to (2010) should be established with a business plan, strategies, and the organization should be designed.
Will Bury at this point needs to return to the first stage the of business development model. Will has not fully developed his business plan and is in need of business knowledge. Fixed and variable pricing on the items that are required must be established as a priority.
Books that are not under copy right protection have no associated fees required to copy and digitize the material. Cost of the material that is protected by copy right has been established according to the University of Phoenix simulation (2010) at $5 per copy. The other fixed costs that need to be accounted for are the price that will be paid for scanning services.
As the scenario states Will can have this can be outsourced for 20% of the cost of having it done in house. With the finished...