Retail Technical Certificate Level 2 Unit 1

Level 2 Certificate in Retail Knowledge

Unit 01 Understand the effect of customer service on retail business.

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Section 1: Understand the effect of customer service on retail business

1.1: Describe the key features of excellent customer service.
A key part of customer service is listening to customers. It is important to do this so that you can get to know exactly what the customer wants and expects. Another important part of this is to be friendly and polite with customers at all times. I must also make sure that I make promises to customers that I can keep. It is important to go the extra mile with customers for example if they ask where something is then instead of telling them what aisle then I would take them there.

1.2: Describe how excellent customer service affects a retail business.
If all staff deliver excellent customer service then the customers that come into the store will have a good shopping experience. This will lead to good customer retention and customers may also spend more money in the shop boosting sales. If the customer has a good shopping experience then they may tell their friends and family about the store and this will lead to more customers coming into the store.

1.3 Describe the key features of unsatisfactory customer service.
The main feature of unsatisfactory customer service is when a customer leaves the store feeling unvalued and ignored. This can be caused by staff ignoring the customer, being slow to respond, unhelpful, uninterested or rude. Staff can also have this effect on a customer by not keeping their promises to them.

1.4 Describe how unsatisfactory customer service affects a retail business.
If a customer receives unsatisfactory customer service then this will lead to them having a negative shopping experience. This could lead to the customer not coming back into the store and not buying very much or anything while they are shopping, this...