Restrive Intervention

ll that I do in my work place is regulated by policies and current legislation.   The training that we attend has been designed to cover all aspects of legislation such as the Health and Social care Act 2008 which provides a code of practice to enable us to provide the best possible care and support to the service users.   Included in the training is managing challenging behaviour,   this not only covers challenging behaviour but strategies that support positive behaviour in order for incidents of challenging behaviour be reduced.   Aldo covers in this act are care plans and full strategies to encourage positive behaviour is implemented within these.   As a supported living organisation we at Eden also have inspections from CQC which ensure we are meeting care standards relating to behaviour and how we encourage positive behaviour is evaluated.   As a member of staff I have the responsibility to record all incidents of behaviour support and these include both positive and challenging behaviour.

The human rights act 1998
Mental capacity act 2005
Deprivation of liberty safeguards 2005
Equality act 2010
Mental health act (1983 amended 2007)
Data protection 1984
The care act 2002

The autonomy and independence policy
The choice, consent and mental capacity policy
The mental capacity act and deprivation of liberty guidance
The person centred approachs policy
The personal freedom, choices and respecting rights policy and procedures
The data protection policy
The record keeping policy
The record management and data protection policy

These acts ensure the care and support provided to those with mental health needs, dementia and learning disabilities provide for their physical, mental and emotional well being.   It puts the focus on prevention and ensuring things don't get worse for individuals.

1.2 define what is meant by restrictive interventions.
Restrictive intervention is defined in the act to mean any intervention that is...