Restictive Intervention

Framework for Restrictive Physical Intervention Policy and Practice

March 2005

ISBN 0 7504 3769 3 G/498/04-05

March 2005 CMK-22-12-033

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This guidance note, provides a framework for the development of policies on restrictive physical intervention within statutory agencies. Restrictive physical interventions must be regarded in the same way as any other professional involvement with an individual. At all times the human and legal rights of service users must be of paramount importance. The objective of policies and procedures for restrictive physical intervention must be to meet the identified need of any service user, at any given time,within the context of the particular service setting, whilst at the same time safeguarding the individual, those they interact with and those who provide services to them. This should be done by organisations having a threefold focus: • Preventing the necessity for physically restrictive intervention through the development of preventative strategies. • Working with the individual towards reducing the level of response needed where a potential need for restrictive physical intervention is identified as part of the individual planning and service delivery process. • Where situations requiring restrictive physical intervention are identified as unavoidable, ensuring that there is prior planning and training to ensure safer outcomes for all concerned.

Purpose of Framework
1. The Welsh Assembly Government considers that guidance it issues on restrictive physical intervention policy and practice for professionals who work with children, young people, adults and older people in health, education and social care settings1 should share a common framework of principles and expectations. 2. This reflects the fact that certain fundamental rights are common to all individuals in Wales, under the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the Human Rights Act 1998. This consultation...