Response Paper

Celicia McGriff
Mr. Cannon
English 3
8 December 2012                                    

                                                          Response Paper
  In my English 3 class I read a book called “The art of Racing in the Rain”. It is a wonderful symbolic book. It entertains you and also teaches you a valuable lesson, that when life gets hard you have to keep going. I would most diffidently recommend it to a friend or family member who would want to read and needs to read it.
  I learned that racing is life and that the rain is all the problems, worries, and troubles you go through. I learned that there will always be something or someone that will try to bring u down and all you have to do is keep fighting and go on with life. Life has a lot of bumps on its road. Like for example when eve died, the twins thought Denny wasn’t stable enough to be a single parent, so they filed for custody of Zoë. Another example is when Denny was falsely accused of raping annika or like enzo and how he kept seeing the zebra, which was his inner evil getting to him and he over came it by doing doggie duties on the twin’s floor. I would recommend this book to my friends, family and anyone else who are looking for being entertained but also learning a lesson at the same time.   I think this book would help people in life and maybe show them that there are other people going through their pain. It really has taught me a lesson.
    All in all The Art Of Racing In The Rain is a wonderful, educational, life learning book and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to read it. If you read this book it’s very important to pay attention to the symbols and what they mean and the strong alliteration. It might seem a little confusing but it’s very easy to read and understand.